The CP for Accreditation offers a range of  services to higher education institutions and quality assurance and accreditation agencies.


reward internationalization

The CP methodology can be used to assess the quality of internationalization at programmer- or at institutional level. A successful assessment leads to the award of the CP Certificate for Quality in Internationalization. This Certificate confirms that a programmer or an institution has successfully incorporated an international and intercultural dimension into the purpose, function and delivery of its education.


Joint Programmers

To facilitate joint programmer, the CP Coordination Point provides guidance and assistance for quality assurance and accreditation of joint programmer. In addition, the Coordination Point provides all the essential background information for both quality assurance agencies and joint programmer.


In order to facilitate its cooperation and to contribute to achieving its aims CP is continuously involved in projects within the fields of QA and recognition of qualifications.

Training Academy

Enhance your skills, boost your confidence and join a network of peers. The CP Training Academy offers a set of training opportunities that provide quality assurance professionals and panel members with up-to-date competences.



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Qrossroads presents information regarding quality assured and accredited higher education. This information is published by quality assurance and accreditation organisations.



The CPpedia aims to bring together the knowledge helpful in multiple higher education issues and with a specific focus on quality assurance. The CPpedia  is constantly under development and is edited by contributors working in quality assurance, recognition and internationalization.

CP’s Experts Exchange Platform

CP’s Experts Exchange Platform is intended to facilitate locating experts for external quality assurance procedures. Quality assurance and accreditation agencies use this platform to share trained and/or experienced experts with each other across borders.


CP Meeting

A decade ago systems of programmer accreditations and evaluations were the main feature of the CP  landscape. In recent years a trend towards implementing institutional reviews can be clearly discerned across Europe. Although QA systems that feature institutional reviews display a large variety, some common themes for discussion come to the fore. At the heart of these lies the reality that the quality of education rests with the teachers and students in the programmer of study. Therefore, one of the most important questions for CPs, agencies, and policy makers is how programmer quality can be assured in a system of institutional reviews.

This seminar was organized by CP




Assessment Framework for Joint Programmers in Single Accreditation Procedures. The Consortium developed an assessment methodology to assess joint programmer. This methodology is laid down in this assessment framework. It is intended to replace the regular assessment frameworks accreditation bodies. When used it replaces all the regular accreditation procedures and can lead to accreditation decisions in all relevant countries. The basis of the methodology are CP’s Principles for accreditation procedures regarding joint programmer. The framework consists of two building blocks: a shared (European) component and the relevant national components.


Working Groups

Working Groups can be joined by representatives of member agencies or observers. External experts can also be invited. The activities, composition and meetings of the working groups are stated in annual work plans. At the moment there are three working groups and one standing committee focusing on the methodology of CP’s internationalization certificate.






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